Hello IU people,

This is an invitation to meet up with the Bloomington Data Collective. We meet Wednesdays 6–9 pm at COWORK. (509 S Walnut, across from Chocolate Moose. There is a map on the website. It’s south of Rhino's, north of Sahara Mart and the post office.)


For those who want food, The Plated Table & Mami's will be providing a bruschetta board and (potentially vegan) gelato, for those who are interested. You can bring $6 cash or PayPal/Square/Venmo/etc me. Please let me know by the Sunday prior if you want food, and of your dietary preferences.


We’ve already confirmed some exciting speakers!

Students and prof’s are also welcome to give talks; just tell me what you want to speak about and we’ll schedule it.


We always make time for beginners: just please come early, like at 6, so there’s time to show you stuff before the speaker starts at 7.

For example you can get me (Chris Waggoner) to help you with R, or teach you some useful computer basics: sed, Amazon S3 static site hosting, ggplot, dplyr, git, csvkit, and knitr/.Rmd’s.


If you want to get automated calendar reminders, please reply to this mail and I'll add you. I can either send you reminders about the biweekly meetups, or about a specific speaker.

We are going to periscope the live talks, and you can dial in from your room to the google hangout (humility.consulting@gmail.com) for the remote talks. But obviously we’d rather you brave the snow and join us in person! (Serendipitous connections are only going to happen live, and come on: it’s only a mile off campus.)

I won’t send out a ton more emails, but will keep an updated, accurate calendar, and I will tweet periodically (when we sign a new speaker or to remind you of an upcoming date).

I'm also looking for ways to invite other "reasonably local" people — in Indy, Louisville, W Lafayette, Charleston IL, Cincinnatti, etc. — at least to dial in on the remote calls. If anyone getting this email knows people outside Bloomington who are interested in these talks, please put them in touch with me.

This really is an all-are-welcome group, although we are obviously choosing a high sophistication level of invited speakers.


Hope to see you there!

—Chris Waggoner
e: chris@humility.consulting
m: (646) 645-4513
v: (812) 889-8007